Ms.Ogy'space is a platform that hosts educational content produced by Ogoamaka Nwana as she journeys through her Leadership certification and Masters in the Early Childhood Education (ECE). Also a professional in child development research at UTHealth, she helps conduct research in children who are born prematurely and coaches parents on proven ways in helping their children reach their full potentials. She steadily balances working and schooling full-time while running this platform. Assignments, course-work, deliverables, podcasts, and insightful posts will also be created here. This will serve as an autobiography for growth and visibility in the education sector.


Hi there!

I’m Ogy an insightful thinker, great conversationalist, parent educator, psychology enthusiast, parenting coach, and a lover of all good things! I love to document events that I find worthy in writing, video making, or picture taking. Inspired by nature and stories, I seek to tell stories through my art.

Currently earning a M.S in early childhood education, while leading parents of young children, I plan on applying my gained theoritical knowledge to advance in the education sector.

My Education Philosophy:

I aim to enable all children, regardless of race, gender, nationality, socio-economic status, religion, ethnicity, color, or learning disability, strive to become the very best version of who they are!  

Let’s live, learn & grow together, shall we?