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Updated: Apr 20

Hello, and welcome to my first blog post!

My name is Ogoamaka Nwana, a child development professional at the Children's Learning institute (CLI), University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHealth). For the past four years, I have worked diligently to enable children achieve their full potential in school and life through the implementation of technological tools to foster education. Feel free to learn more about why I started a blog, and click here to see my range of expertise and experiences.

This blog post Technology Implementation is a course deliverable from a graduate course, Applications of Technology, where we delve into the deep sea of technology literacy and professionalism in an effort to apply into hands-on-practice all we are learning. Hence, you will find multiple posts of applied knowledge incorporated in this website. However, beyond this course work, I hope to continue blogging as a way to share my expertise, learn, hone my writing skills, grow, educate, and engage with you all - cause you matter!

First, I'd like to define what technology is, simplified. Science and technology are two words often paired together. However, the difference lies within each goal. Science is used to make sense of the world around us, while Technology uses science to mitigate our human needs (like the device you're using to read right now).

Examples of technological products used to help educators, parents, and children are the available resources at CLI. At CLI, staying updated with the latest cutting edge technology allows us serve our community for the optimal development and successful outcomes for children between ages 0 - 6 years.

Because we serve a wide array of people, especially teachers, we achieve this through enhanced learning systems. The CLI Engage platform provides professional development for teachers (i.e Instructional coaching), assessment toolkits used in monitoring childrens progress (i.e Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment TX- KEA, Circle prograss monitoring), free parental resources for early childhood development, and many more.

As a long-time parent coach, coaching parents of infants and toddlers on behavorial Play and Learning Strategies (PALS), I find many parents reporting usefulness of these resources.

Many school districts in Texas have and are still adopting the use of some of these tools. Just five years ago, over 900 school districts adopted this platform for their growing educational needs. As we progress, more effective technological tools designed to enhance the lives of young children are being added unto the platform.

Technology is the future, and we should spend our time today thinking about what tomorrow will bring (Horizon Report, 2020).

Are you a teacher? What technological tools do you use to enhance your professional development? 
Are you a parent? What trusted resources do you use to activate your power in your child's development? 

Let us know in the comments below.

See you next time!

'Ms. Ogy

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